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Confessions of Joan the Tall:Confessions of Joan the Tall: A Memoir, by Joan Cusack Handler
A Memoir

Confessions of Joan the Tall is a truly remarkable book. It captures both the complex emotions of an adolescent in an ethnic, working-class neighborhood, and the unwritten social and spiritual rules of 1950s American Catholicism. Somehow, though told in the voice of a young girl, the story has about it a psychological and emotional subtlety and complexity that is fully mature. It’s impossible not to like Joan, impossible not to feel for her in the depths of her coming of age struggles, and impossible for anyone raised in a devout Catholic family to keep from smiling and nodding at the author’s insights into the Roman Catholic mindset.  It’s a book that can be enjoyed by anyone between the ages of ten and a hundred—Catholics and non-Catholics alike-- a real literary achievement that I both enjoyed and admired. I wanted it to go on and on.

                                                                                   —Roland Merullo

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